Louisville Pride Foundation Pride 100 Club

Louisville Pride Foundation’s Pride 100 Club

Louisville Pride Foundation’s Pride 100 Club is an invaluable group of donors that help us continue to keep Louisville Pride Festival free and open to the public.

Thanks to the following people for joining the Louisville Pride Foundation’s Pride 100 Club!

Susan Gisselberg, Siouxsie Gisselberg, Scott Wagner, Marlon Gaines, Mark Lee, Jordan Green, George Sales, Deborah Massey, Dan Zevotek, Craig Sherman, Colin Mueller, Chris Watson, Clayton Smith, Rachel Speed, Katrina Speed, Darren Jordan, Amber Lazrovitch, Adam Caperton, Leonard Napolitano, Jonathon Raley, Keith Runyon, Meme Runyon, Dan Burch, Kevin Bryan, Nate McAtee, Thomas Carrier, Omicah House, Todd Mercier, Kevin Borland, Alex Perry, Dennis Cornell, Nancy Olyer, Wally Oyler,  David Williamson, Kevin Hickey, Amelia Runyon Williamson, and Allen Hatchell!

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An Exclusive “Swag Bag”
Name Listed On Our Website As A Rockstar Supporter Of Our Foundation.

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